Visual Analysis of Pneumonia Care Plans

vahc2016A care plan is a sequence of medical interventions formulated for curing a specified disease. Doctors usually craft different care plans for different patients based on their knowledge and experience as well as following the clinical guidelines. An intuitive summarization of previous successful care plans not only provides doctors a reference of successful treatment guidelines, but also helps with the detection of anomalous treatments and the improvement of existing care plans. However, producing such kind of summarization is challenging due to the complexity of the data, i.e., large, temporal oriented, and multidimensional. In this project, we develop a Sankey diagram-based visualization design to visually summarize care plans based on our medical collaborators’ requirements. Our tool is applied to a medical dataset of pneumonia patients collected from a Children’s hospital in Shanghai, China.


Shunan Guo, Chaoguang Lin, David Gotz, Bo Jin, Hongyuan Zha, Linhua Shu and Nan Cao. Understanding Care Plans of Community Acquired Pneumonia Based on Sankey Diagram. Visual Analytics in Healthcare Workshop, Chicago, IL (2016).

[PDF, 878k]

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