New software released for VACLab projects

Several recent projects have reached a level of maturity where we are able to release open-source software via GitHub. While a number of manuscripts for these projects remain under peer review in advance of eventual publication, we’ve released two open-source repositories corresponding to three distinct research projects.


First, we’ve released an early version of our Cadence platform for event sequence analysis. This includes new capabilities designed to (1) combat selection bias during exploratory data analysis, and (2) support high-dimensional event visualization via dynamic hierarchical aggregation. Papers describing these techniques should appear soon, but the software is available now:

Periphery Plots

Second, in collaboration with colleagues on the PrecisionVISSTA project, we’ve released software for the periphery plots framework that we’ve developed as part of our patient-generated health data (PGHD) project.  While motivated by PGHD, the visualization software is broadly applicable to a range of multi-variate temporal datasets.  A paper should appear soon, but the software is available now:

More Information

Both project repositories include readme files that contain more information about the software packages referenced in this news post.  More information about software from the VACLab can be found on our software page.

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