VACLab at AMIA 2018

The AMIA Annual Symposium is one the premier meetings in the field of biomedical and health informatics.  This 2018 AMIA Annual Symposium was held in San Francisco from November 3-7, and VACLab research was well represented.

First, Wanchen Zhao presented her paper on Visual Query interfaces for cohort studies during the 2018 Visual Analytics in Healthcare Workshop.

Wanchen Zhao, David Borland, Arlene E. Chung, David Gotz. Visual Cohort Queries for High-Dimensional Data: A Design Study. Visual Analytics in Healthcare Workshop (VAHC), San Francisco, CA (2018).
[A PDF of this article is available by clicking here.]

Second, David Gotz co-authored an AMIA paper about value sets and interoperability that was presented by Sigfried Gold, a PhD student from the University of Maryland and lead author on the paper.

Sigfried Gold, Andrea Batch, Robert McClure, Guoqian Jiang, Hadi Kharrazi, Rishi Saripalle, Vojtech Huser, Chunhua Weng, Nancy Roderer, Ana Szarfman, Niklas Elmqvist, David Gotz. Clinical Concept Value Sets and Interoperability in Health Data Analytics. Proceedings of the AMIA Annual Symposium (San Francisco, November 2018).
[A preprint of this article is available by clicking here. The article is also available through the official AMIA archive.]

Finally, David Gotz was a panelist on the last day of AMIA 2018 for a panel titled “Computable Longitudinal Patient Trajectories.”  The panel began with short presentations of cutting edge research work from the distinguished set of speakers on visual analytics, NLP and machine learning techniques.  The group then entertained questions from the audience and the panel moderator (Jeremy Warner of Vanderbilt University).

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