ACM Computing Reviews honors our work as a “Best of Computing” article for 2016

ACM Computing Reviews publishes an annual list of “Notable Items” from the field of computing as part of a feature that it calls the “Best Of Computing.” recently released its 21st annual Notable listing, which honored just 231 books and papers selected from across the full breadth of computer science.

I’m happy to share that our 2016 ACM Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI) paper, which was honored with the IUI Best Paper award, was named one of the 231 items named in the 2016 Notable list.  The paper that earned this international distinction is:

Gotz D.; Sun S.; Cao N. Adaptive contextualization: combating bias during high-dimensional visualization and data selection. In Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI 2016), ACM, 2016, 85-95.

You can learn more about this work (and watch a video) by visiting the project’s page on this website.  You can find the full list of honored papers and books in the “Best Of Computing” section of the ACM Computing Reviews journal’s website (or via this PDF version of the list).


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