Search UNC Library Bookmarklet

UNC Library BookmarkletThis post is to share a bookmarklet that I created to help ease access to articles behind publisher paywalls.  If you try to access an article and get blocked by a publisher, this bookmarklet makes it easy to search the UNC Library to see if you can get it through one of their subscriptions.

Suppose you are browsing a publisher’s website and you get a “you must pay” message.  No problem!  With this bookmarklet, you just highlight the title of the article, then click the bookmarklet.  It will open a new tab with search results from the UNC Library.  If the UNC Library has a subscription to the publisher’s materials, you’ll be a click away from getting it.

A prerequisite here is that you must be a UNC Affiliate who can login to the UNC Library’s system.  If not, you’re out of luck.  However, the bookmarklet is easy to edit if you are comfortable with Javascript.  It should be easy to customize to work with your own library system.

For installation and usage instructions, click here!

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