JAMIA Special Issue on Visual Analytics in Healthcare

JAMIAI’m excited to share the news that the JAMIA Special Issue on Visual Analytics in Healthcare has been published.  The entire issue–Volume 22, Issue 2, 01 March 2014–is available online via JAMIA’s publisher, Oxford University Press.

I served as guest editor, along with my friend and longtime VAHC colleague Jesus Caban, for this exciting issue.  It captures a broad sampling of the very interesting work applying data visualization techniques and principles to the challenges of medical informatics.  The issue includes a survey of the field, four research papers, a case study, and two “Brief Communications” (JAMIA’s term for shorter research papers that often focus on emerging systems and early results).  Jesus and I also have a short editorial the issue titled “Visual Analytics in Healthcare – opportunities and research challenges.”  If you are at all interested in this topic, I encourage you to take a look and read about some of the great work taking place in the field.

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