New Research Projects: Progressive Insights and Untangle

untangleI’m excited to share some more information about two different research projects.  First, Progressive Insights is a project where we are exploring how the visualization workflow–and our underlying data analysis methods–can be adjusted to better accomodate long-running and computationally demanding analytics within high-speed interactive visual interfaces.  We will be presenting on this topic appearing at this fall’s IEEE VIS conference in Paris, and a pre-print of our IEEE TVCG article is now available via the IEEE Digitial Library.

I’m also excited to share some details about our UnTangle prototype, a visualization design that aims to support interactive analysis and exploration of uncertain label data.  We adopt a visualization based on a ternary plot, but support an arbitrary mesh-based layout of the vertices.  Moreover, we provide algorithmic methods designed to select insightful vertex placements.  We further characterize the various types of visual patterns that emerge and discuss how these can be used to develop insights about the data.  A paper describing our work has been accepted to ICDM 2014 which will take place in China in December.  With an acceptance rate of below 10%, we are excited to have our work be selected.  Click here for more information about our work on visualizing uncertain label data.

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